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It's Done

My custom store is now shut down. Please check out and check back often in my buy it now store :)

Shut Down

I am hours away now from shutting down the custom portion of my business. What I hope and expect this will accomplish...

Less stress on me and therefore creating less on my family. Piles of orders are daunting and although I have a super helpful husband he can only help so far, most of the work lies with me. So orders pile, then I feel awful when they sit and sit collecting dust... so no more piles. Most orders starting tomorrow will be buy it now type items.

More buy it now items. I have so many ideas that swim in my head.. I will NOW be able to create them. I promise to vary colors, styles and types so that way there is likely to be something you will love. This will not happen right off... as I have piles of orders to sort, make and mail first. They will come first.

I will start opening for special items for a limited time or quantity. For example my Christmas Trees :) I will open for a short time collect just so many orders and then shut them back down. I hope to do the same with a few other special pieces many of you have come to love.

We are moving on in style but NOT going away. This way you can SEE it before you buy it. Does this mean you will no longer be able to add your babies name to a piece... no... I will on some pieces allow for painted names or other things to be added.

So today is it... and then changes will start to unfold... I hope to see you all along this journey with me :)


I've been battling myself over what to do with the store for a long time now. I love making your sweet angel pieces, but in doing so I'm giving up my own life which isn't fair to my husband, kids or me. Since the birth of Nathan I've found time is an issue. There is more of everything to do, and I'm just too stressed trying to manage it all (kids, housework, orders, donations) I stress out alot and everyone suffers for it. I have decided I won't do it anymore.

So as of April 30th I will no longer be taking custom orders on most items. I WILL be shutting down my clay baby line for sure. I will keep for now miscarriage blankets but ONLY blankets (no outfits, etc). I am going to move over to only doing perhaps one custom type item for a period of time and thats it. So I PROMISE I will do my Christmas trees and probably some ornaments in the fall, right now I will keep shelf stones open for orders as a spring item. I might try to find a unique summer and winter one, but that is all I can say right now. My buy it now store will remain and my goal will be to restock and add to that when I get to.

This closure does NOT affect any current orders. I WILL BE completing them. And I'm giving warning to those who might want to place a final order with me the time is NOW, your order WILL take probably 8 weeks or longer however to ship so please be aware of that. I don't honestly know if I will ever come back to being a fully custom store again. I will be sure to offer pieces I can add names too in the buy it now shop,but that is all I can say at the moment.

Do know this decision didn't come easy. It's been a struggle for awhile now on how to handle things, I think this is the best solution for me. I love your constant support of my work, I hope you will continue on this journey with me and see where time takes things.

Shop will be closed for Spring Break...

Current delay is around 6-8 weeks I anticipate this increasing. As always I thank you for your patience.

Hoppy Easter!

I know it's a little early... but check out the special bunny design!
(also on my Facebook Page there is a special basket offer!)

Perfect Pose
Sleeping Angel Pose
Note: Baby will come with just hat like in photo and matching diaper, NOT a complete outfit like in the photo.
Bunny Easter Baby
Price: 12.50

Skin Tone and Pose:

Bow or No Bow:


Reopening Soon to Happen!

The new year has brought some changes. One large one will be the two different stores. I will keep this one open for custom work :) Which has been scaled down some, but it's in hopes to create more time for buy it now items that you will find in my Storenvy shop!  

I will also be donating 5% or more of every sale to my nonprofit page, Kaitlin's Angels. This I hope will allow me more funds to create a small side program and to fund sending items to more hospitals. 

Now on to HOW we are going to celebrate this reopening! 
  • I have some give-a-ways planned :) Be watching the Facebook page!
  •  The first 10 customers will get some extra specials to be used in the coming months. Unique to only them :) And can be combined with other offers!
  • There will be a blanket 10% off the entire site for the first three days (01-01-->01-03) using this code: MB10OFF (code can only be used on this site NOT the Storenvy site) 

NOTE -- The Storenvy store WILL NOT be opening at 8am on January 1st. I will open it in the morning, but can not place a certain time since I have to manually open each item there.